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Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the unsung hero of the typical Waco TX air conditioning system found in most homes. Most homeowners don't know what the evaporator coil is even for, but without one, your air conditioner could not do a thing! Read more...

An evaporator coil is normally mounted on top of a furnace (see the image to the right), and contains a series of copper or aluminum tubing that holds chilled refrigerant sent from the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is running, the furnace fan motor pulls warm air from the home, and then forces it up through the evaporator coil which cools and dehumidifies the air.

Keeping the coil clean helps overall air conditioning efficiency. Mounting a UV lamp inside the coil will protect the damp, dark interior from the mold that can quickly grow and reduce cooling efficiency. For more information read indoor air quality.

Danco is a leader of local Waco TX AC companies, and an authorized Waco TX Trane dealer. The dedication and attention to detail that we bring to each customer job is unmatched! For service that will leave you with a smile, call Danco at (254) 230-4537.

Trane Comfort™ Coil features:

Foil Insulation
100% foil insulation provides easy cleaning and quiet operation.

Two-way, Sloped, Non-corrosive Drain Pan
Prevents standing water in drain pan, which significantly affects indoor air quality. Non-corrosive material prevents rust.

Easy Access
Makes cleaning and servicing easier which in turn leads to higher efficiency and longer life.

Painted Finish
Provides increased protection from rust and corrosion. Matches furnace in color.

External Service Port
Quicker and easier serviceability.

Flexible Application
-Models for R-22 and R-410A refrigerants available
Evaporator Coil
Pictured above is a Trane® evaporator coil mounted on a furnace located inside a garage. For more information call us today!
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Trane Evaporator Coil
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