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Air Conditioner Installation in Waco, TX 76708

“I had a recurring issue with my System and Danco was referred by a friend. They came out and told me 3 options… how to fix issue, how to fix issue to stop from doing again, or to replace my 18 year old unit. I was impressed! I chose to meet with Anthony Elfrez and he was not pushy either. He measured and checked and questioned me and came up with 3 options as well. Due to the nature of my problem I chose to replace instead of kicking the can down the road and to save cash in the long run. Timothy Lankford, Jeffrey Hartley and Mitchell McIntosh are very professional and know what they are doing! This company may be a bit pricey but they do A+ work and I haven’t found anything negative to even complain about.” – Georgina G.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Waco, TX 76712

“My heater was not working on the first night we needed it. I called 24/7 support and Samuel was able to help me troubleshoot the issue in 5 min over the phone. I had misconfigured my thermostat and Samuel identified the issue right away. Im glad I invested in comfort club service and have access to great support from Samuel.”

– Hunter S.

Heat Pump Installation in Waco, TX 76707

“Really great installation in our 110 year old home. They had to crawl around in our nasty 110 year old attic and work around belongings we had stored up there. Really conscientious, high quality workers. Very conscious keeping things clean. When it came time for them to cut holes for the air vents in our ceiling, Jeff stood on a ladder in the room below, holding a big plastic bin over where the hole was being cut. All the debris fell into the bin – none of it hit the floor. Minimal clean up required. Lots of care in the entire process. Plus, I work from home and the whole time the worked I could hear their good natured teasing and banter while they worked. These are the right guys for any HVAC work you need done.

~David H.”

– David H.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Woodway, ST 76712

“Mitchell was professional and thorough.”

– Steve W.

Air Conditioner Repair in Waco, ST 76712

“Mitch was prompt, fast and professional for our late Friday night emergency repair.”

– Hunter S.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Moody, TX 76557

“My air conditioner was 27 years old. It finally went out during the heat wave. After 13 days with no A/C I decided I need to replace my A/C. I had no idea who to call so after numerous researches I decided on Danco. I loved the reviews. Being 72 years old I have to watch my pennies and was hoping this company was as good as some of the reviews. Well, I decided to call them and talk with them.
The first gentleman I talked with was Anthony Elfrez. I really liked Mr. Elfrez and he was so patient with me and answered every question I had which was very many questions. Mr. Elfrez checked my A/C and told me news I already knew. I need a new A/C. After talking with Mr. Elfrez, I decided to use Danco.
On Tuesday, two gentleman arrived on time. Mr.Jeffrey Hartley and his partner Trey ( I'm sorry I cant remember Treys last name) anyway, these two men got right too work. My unit I had in there before was a mess and these two fellows when they put in the new unit they put it in so neatly. Also, the outside unit looks fantastic. Normally I am a hard grader when it comes to reviews but I have to tell you, I have been very impressed with the employees who work for Danco and impressed with the work these men have done for me. If you need an A/C or heating, I believe that Danco will give you the best deal. If your looking for a good company, go Danco you wont regret it.”

– Dale M.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in China Spring, ST 76087

“Mitchell did a great job by being very friendly but professional, cleaned up after his job was done and did extra to help our AC be at its best efficiency. Thank you, Mitchell!”

– Jo Beth P.

Air Conditioner Repair in Waco, ST 76706

“Mitchell and Cody did a great job! They explained everything that needed to be done very clearly and got all the work done very quickly.”

– Peter S.

Air Conditioner Installation in Bellmead, TX 76705

“These two men were Amazing we had a wonderful experience excellent service!! Highly recommend your Company to my family & friends TY Guys for everything.. The Gomez”

– Joe G.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Robinson, ST 76706

“I was pleased with the whole team's professionalism and knowledge. From Anthony on the upfront sales and recommendations to Timothy, Jeffrey and Samuel on the installation. I would definitely recommend DANCO.”

– Ricky T.

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