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Furnace Repair Waco, TX

Sure, our summer temps are brutal, but it doesn't take long to forget about the heat when the nights turn cold. Is your old furnace acting up? Remember, a malfunctioning furnace doesn't always just affect comfort. Sometimes they can introduce carbon monoxide poisoning into the air, which is why you should have sensors in your home.

Furnace Repair Waco - A Job Done Right

One of the many benefits of using Danco is that fact the we know what we're doing, and we stand behind our work with 100% customer satisfaction guarantees. This applies to services and repairs as well. Many homeowners receive bad advice from a local heating company, which means they end up either purchasing equipment they don't need, or fixing equipment they should be replacing.

Furnace repair Waco -- "accurate" service. When we arrive at your home for a heating repair call, we're not only accurate in problem determination, but we take your whole system into account, and give you the rock solid advice you can depend on to be the best. We sleep well at night because we know that our customers have been serviced the right way.

A Solid Foundation

When the time comes for a new, efficient furnace, we offer some of the finest equipment in the industry! With Danco Comfort, not only do you receive industry leading service, but it's built on the foundation of top-quality equipment.
Furnace Repair Waco
Air Handler Waco

Air Handler (Fan Coil)

An air handler, or fan coil is used in the absence of a furnace. For example...if you're heating with a radiant heating system. The reason an air handler is needed is because a furnace is used year round to move air through the home to be conditioned. An air handler combines the fan motor of a furnace with the coil of an evaporator coil so your air conditioner can function in the summer heat!
Electronic Air Cleaner Waco

Trane® CleanEffects™

When your home is shut tightly in the cold or the heat, indoor air can become stale and contaminated with VOCs, bacteria, viruses, dander...and more. The Trane CleanEffects electronic air cleaner uses a 3-stage filtration process to take a bite out of indoor air pollution. It can capture and kill microscopic particles -- it even boasts 99.98% allergen removal!
Furnace Installation Waco TX

Heating Installation

The most important part of your indoor comfort system is the initial design and installation. Trust us, you don't want to be one of the homeowners who uses an inexperienced contractor for their home comfort installation. Many of them end up spending hundreds to even thousands of dollars fixing an install gone bad. Danco Comfort does the job right, exceeding industry standards. We protect your time, money & comfort!
Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Waco TX

Air Conditioning

In addition to furnace repair services, we're experts at keeping you cool in the Texas heat! From air conditioner repair and tune-ups to replacements and new installations. With Danco Comfort, your home enjoys reliable, efficient indoor comfort year round! Call us today at (254) 230-4537 for a free in-home estimate, and learn how we can elevate the quality of your indoor comfort control.
Furnace Repair Waco -- We're excited that you found us online, and we hope that you'll grab the phone and dial (254) 230-4537 for any heating and air conditioning needs you have! We'll astonish you with our service and technical expertise.
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