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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

As a leading Waco Mitsubishi Ductless contractor, we offer the STAR line-up of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning and heating units featuring new, 26 SEER high efficiency cooling!

Eco-Comfort Technology
Eco-comfort technology makes these systems smarter in how they use energy and minimizes their impact on the environment. Plus there are many advanced features like the i-see™ Sensor, that automatically detects room temperature differences and adjusts for greater comfort. Mitsubishi Electric's advanced multi-stage filtration systems dramatically reduce allergens and help eliminate odors. And our indoor units operate with sound levels starting as low as 19dB(A). That sound is even quieter than a human whisper.

New Heat Pump Technology
Unlike older, inefficient heat pumps, there is no cold air delivery with Mitsubishi Electric's Cooling & Heating systems. Larger coils heat faster, and the Hot StartTM system doesn't activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached so it never blows cold air. What's more, select models use Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i®) technology that operates effectively down to -13° F. With this improvement these models give true year-round comfort from a single system. Even with this amazing cold weather performance, there are no energy consuming electric resistence heating elements to increase your utility bills.
Waco Ductless Air Conditioning
Mitsubishi H2i Technology

Mitsubishi H2i

With a traditional all-electric heat pump, once the air drops below a certain temperature, the heat pump has trouble keeping up. Get below freezing, and it will not be able to. H2i technology is available on select Mitsubishi ductless systems, and provides the ability to heat effectively and efficiently even when the outdoor temp dives to as low as -13° Farenheit!
Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Ductless

Part of our heating and air conditioning solutions are ductless air conditioning, or "mini split" systems. These now offer exceptional efficiency and performance for living spaces without ductwork installed. A manufacturer we trust is Mitsubishi due to their reliable, high efficiency products and innovative features like the iSee sensor.
Pictured above is a Trane® air conditioner mounted outside a home. For more information call us today!
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