Purpose Statement & Core Values

When we founded our company in 1985, we set out to be a very specific type of company for our community—one with quality, honesty, integrity, reliability, and excellence. In addition to our company business goals, we focused on a definite purpose with core values as our foundation. These tenets are what we hold our daily services and processes against, to be sure we remain on track. We believe they are a large part of our success and why our Waco area customers trust and rely on us.

Our Purpose

At Danco Comfort Services, we strive to be a trusted and reliable source of solutions for our clients and community, while creating an empowering and rewarding environment for our team members, and maintaining healthy economic growth to enhance everyone’s future well-being.

Our Core Values

To ensure our values address every aspect of our business for our entire team, we broke our values down into levels, from macro to micro. Each and every team member embraces our values in everything they do.

On a Comprehensive Level

  • Commit to continuous upward improvement — We know seeking a healthy life balance makes continuous upward improvement possible. Sacrificing something good now for something better later leads to advanced development.

On an Organizational Level

  • Go for great — We are not interested in average or good enough, so we benchmark against world class to give our customers the best experience possible. Mediocrity is the well-traveled road nowhere and includes shortcuts and quick fixes. We will not be taking that road. Greatness is the highest road and the one that unleashes human potential. We will be taking this road.
  • Plan accurate, consistent execution — Not even the greatest plan is much good with average execution.
  • Success in safety is a choice — We strive for safety in every aspect of what we do.

On a Relationship Level

  • Seek mutual respect and understanding — We pursue understanding first, then to be understood, as we think and strive for a win-win in all situations. As a matter of respect, when we make promises to others, we keep them.
  • Be a source of positivity to others — We uphold this value by being a model or light to others, instead of criticizing or judging them. Building each other up, both in person and in confidence, makes our team strong. We endeavor to put service ahead of self.
  • Cooperate creatively — We believe the third alternative is the best solution, especially when it comes to the toughest problems. It is the one that originates from all of us working together toward the higher, unique solution. It is not my way or your way, it is our way. We celebrate each other’s differences. For successful cooperation, we know we can only create trust by being trustworthy.

On a Personal Level

  • Be proactive — We believe leadership is a choice, not a position. We know we are responsible for our future, as our choices today affect our outcomes tomorrow. As a matter for form, we plan ahead, think first, and use good judgement, never simply reacting.
  • Act always in the spirit of integrity — All progress begins with telling the truth, even when it is not what someone wants to hear. We speak as if everyone can hear our conversations. We integrate our lives around principles and answering the question—what would an honest person do?
  • Know the goal and accomplish it — We organize and execute our actions around the most important goal. To us, everyone plays a unique and valuable role, and everyone must be accountable for the results.

We Are the Kind of Company You Want

At Danco Comfort Services, we put human relationships at the center of all we do. We recognize customers are more than customers. Following our company’s purpose and core values is a priority with us, to bring you the highest levels of excellence and craftsmanship with every interaction. Call us at 254-230-4537 to discuss your air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality needs today. We challenge you to find anyone who cares more in the state of Texas.

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