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Katie L. Waco, TX

When my AC broke, it was so miserable inside my home. Danco made sure to work around my crazy schedule to come the same day I called, and the repairman was able to fix the problem quickly. He was also able to show me and explain to me what happened and steps I can take to prevent it from happening again in the future. I definitely recommend Danco services!

Gordon M.

Our A/C stopped working just as the summer was starting to get uncomfortably hot. We were uncertain which HVAC service to use and fearful of getting swindled due to our ignorance of what the problem was and how much it should cost. My wife did some googling and decided to go with DANCO based on the number of positive reviews. I was skeptical and said, you know, they probably write those reviews themselves. My wife said the reviews seemed genuine to her. I said, we'll see.

Well, as usual, my wife was right and I was wrong. The service was excellent. First, they called us 15 minutes prior to the technician arriving and gave us a heads up that he was on his way, which was nice. Second, and most importantly, they fixed the problem. Third, the prices were fair and in line with industry standards (we did some googling of expected costs).

I was extra pleased because the technician was very knowledgeable and polite. He took the time to explain beforehand what he was going to do, and then let us know as he proceeded what he had found. At the end, he took some time to explain how our A/C system worked and offered some tips on what we could do to keep our system running efficiently, things that I had never thought of (UV light for A/C coils, for example), so I came away knowing more than when we started. Anyway, I give them 5/5 and would definitely choose them again.

Drew S.

We were having major issues with heating and cooling in our house and the previous company we used couldn't help us. Finally, we were referred to Danco, and they confidently came in and knocked those issues out of the park. They were wonderful to work with and extremely knowledgeable about their products and how everything works. If you are looking to replace your air conditioner or just keep it maintained, go with Danco. You won't regret it!

Mary O.

We had a great experience with Danco! All of the sales team were very accommodating and friendly. They explained everything in terms that we could understand and also let us know that we needed repairs to our duct work and more insulation. After the installation, they even came back to make adjustments on the air flow in the rooms we needed to be cooler. All is perfect now!

Joe R.

Just had Danco install a brand new HVAC system in my house (which previously had no HVAC at all). They made the whole process completely pain free. Anthony was the sales person we dealt with, and he did an amazing job at ascertaining our needs, and giving us some great options. He's personable and funny, but also very knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough. We felt absolutely no pressure to purchase a high-end system (although we did end up choosing the best of the five options presented to us, but we felt no pressure to so do), and he thoroughly explained the differences between all five options and patiently answered my 1000 questions.

The two men they sent to do the actual install were also very courteous and hard-working people. They got the entire new HVAC system installed and running in two days, and were also very patient and thorough in answering my questions.

We had several contractors come out to give us bids on this job. Both our upstairs and downstairs HVAC systems were over 30 years old and badly needed to be replaced. Danco was far and away the most professional and thorough of the contractors. I spent a considerable amount of time selecting a contractor, because with HVAC the skill of the installers far and away trumps differences between brands of equipment. We used a checklist from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Association to score the various bids. In many areas, Danco was the only company to score any points.

For instance, Danco was the only contractor to do a full "Manual J" load calculation of our house. All the other contractors guessed or used shortcuts. This is the most basic step in assessing a home's HVAC needs, yet only Danco took the time to do it right. If the quality of installation is the most important factor in the life and efficiency of your HVAC system, then how risky is it to hire someone who takes shortcuts on the obvious basics? I knew that as a clueless customer, I would not be able to assess whether they had taken shortcuts elsewhere. That's why I went with Danco. Rather than trying to earn my business and trust with lame smooth talk or with lowball estimates (watch out for contractors offering you "builder grade" systems in order to wow you with a "low" price), they earned my trust by demonstrating their competence and skill right out of the gate. In the end, the price of their bid was competitive with everyone else's anyway, once I sorted out who was cutting corners by trying to sell me builder grade equipment, skipping various parts of the job, etc.

The installation team was efficient, polite, clean, and very professional. We were impressed. They tweaked a few things with the system until we were completely happy. There was never any argument from them - instead, they did nothing but work hard to make us happy. Danco tested the airflow on our all vents before doing work and then retested afterward, so that we could see the difference. We were pleased with the results. After two months, I can say that our energy bills are now lower but we are keeping the house cooler and more comfortable than before. Previously, we didn't bother to cool the upstairs during the summer since no one was using the upstairs bedrooms. Now with our baby sleeping upstairs, we're cooling the second floor - but enjoying lower energy bills!

If you want a fair price, complete professionalism, and the assurance that the job is being done right for the long term, go with Danco. You may save a few bucks going with a contractor who is willing to cut corners, but you'll be regretting it ten years from now when that contractor has vanished and Danco is still around. (As an aside, we also like supporting a family business that has been in Waco for over 30 years. It was neat to realize that the contractor who was helping us was the son of the owner, who started the company when the son was about a year old!). After all my research, I was convinced that Danco was the correct company to use if I wanted my HVAC systems to long outlive their warranties. During the process of the installation, Danco did nothing but further my trust.

Jacki S.

After talking to two other companies that never called me back I called Danco. By now I wasn't a happy camper. They came out and worked out what I needed and scheduled the installation. Everything went off without a hitch. The installation crew was friendly, clean, and thorough. They didn't fiddle around and waste time. They got on it and did the job and explained how things worked. I was very pleased with all aspects of this experience! I wish I had called them in the first place. And ya know what else? My dog loved all of them, and she knows good folks when she sees them :) If you need a great HVAC contractor call Daniel and Anthony at Danco!

Delayne V.

Everyone was very professional. Installation was prompt and efficient. The new system works and feels great.

Sandy E.

Danco HVAC installation and services are exceptional and reliable. I have done business with them for many years and have always been pleased with their quality of work and integrity. They always have efficient and cost effective recommendations which I appreciate. Their customer service is outstanding and find they are very knowledgeable, punctual, and enthusiastic. They truly care about your HVAC needs and the end result is always exactly what they promised. They have great competitive rates and I highly recommend the professionals at Danco for all your HVAC services!

Dorothy G.

Danco replaced and combined two heating and cooling systems with a single Trane system. We had several contractors bid. Danco's bid was competitive and was the most thorough evaluation of our home and needs. The install went smoothly, and the new system is fantastic. We were so happy that we are having them install a system in our guest house.

Kristy D.
Woodway, TX

Super courteous staff is very thorough and presented several options...I expected them to make a huge mess because previous ac people had -- not Danco..super clean - would recommend them to anyone

Syed A.
Woodway, TX

Very professional and courtious people. I am a very happy customer. The technician did not cut any corners.This is coming from a guy who himself is an engineer with Trane airconditioning company.

Doye B.
Waco, TX

I had and tune-up performed on my HVAC system by Danco Comfort Services. The technician arrived on time as promised. He was very polite and courteous throughout the service call and cleaned up well before leaving. Upon arrival, the technician introduced himself, asked me a few questions about my system's performance then went on to explain the details of the work to be performed. I showed him the location of the indoor and outdoor units and he let me know if there was anything that he found that I should know about, he would tell me. After about an hour and thirty minutes he finished up, we went through the details of what was done and he collected payment. I was very satisfied with the services I received and would highly recommend Danco.

Larry M.

"Prompt and outstanding service and installation. Fast and courteous. Follow up after installation to determine overall satisfaction."

Sammy C.

"Danco AC in Waco does a great job!"

Elodia C.

"I am a new lifelong client of Danco! It is a joy to know that there are still people who really care about the needs of a client and don't try to just sell a product. Definitely will recommend"

Stan H.

"Danco Comfort Services is the greatest. They have been very efficient and reliable. The personnel that have served us have all been well trained and very pleasant. They have been very neat in their work and have always explained everything they have done."


"My wife is very particular about the house. The installers took every precaution to make sure the flooring, walls, etc. were not negatively affected. The installers were very professional, careful, and courteous from start to finish. For these reasons, it was a very pleasant experience!!"

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